Institute Research Scholars (Full Time)

Mr. Arabinda Ghosh

Area(s) of Research : Nonlinear dynamics and application
in Electrical systems jointly with
Physics Department

Research Under :Dr. Anjan Kumar Ray and
Dr. Md. Nurujjaman

Mr. Sudhansu Das

Area(s) of Research : Application of multilevel inverter to renewable energy systems

Research Under :Dr. Aurobindo Panda

Mr. Amit Kumar

Area(s) of Research : Power Quality Improvement Using Custom Power Devices

Research Under :Dr. Pradeep Kumar

Mr. Debanjan Mukherjee

Area(s) of Research : Power Line Harmonic Reduction using FACTS.

Research Under :Dr. Sourav Mallick

Mr. Rajanikanta Sahoo

Area(s) of Research : Cascaded Multilevel Inverter for Electric Drive Application

Research Under :Dr. Molay Roy

Romio Atha

Area(s) of Research : Power Systems Protection using
Artificial Intelligence

Research Under :Dr. Sourav Mallick

Institute Research Scholars (Under Various Projects/Schemes)

Mr. Arindam Singha

Area(s) of Research : Intelligent Networked Robotic Systems

Research Under :Dr. Anjan Kumar Ray
Prof. Arun Baran Samaddar

Institute Research Scholars (Part Time)

Shrabani Pal

Area(s) of Research : Power System Stability and Control

Research Under :Dr. Anjan Kumar Ray and
Dr. Sourav Mallick

Mr. Roshan Pradhan

Area(s) of Research : Power Converter Applications on
Renewable Energy Sources

Research Under :Dr. Aurobinda Panda